Dr. Betty is one of the nicest and most understanding persons I have been to as a patient. She takes time to explain what and why she is doing. I feel free to call and ask about my hearing aids if I have a question.

Jim - McKenney, VA

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend the services offered by Dr. Betty Anderson. I have a moderate hearing loss and had previously worn hearing aids prescribed by another audiologist. However, I lost them and did not bother to replace them because they didn’t help me much. Later my hearing deteriorated further and, having observed my mother’s success with a hearing aid prescribed by Dr. Anderson, I sought her advice. I am now wearing hearing aids prescribed by Dr. Anderson and am extremely pleased with how well they work and with Dr. Anderson’s caring and professional approach.

Anne - Blackstone, VA

Dr. Betty Anderson is a gem. She has the rare combination of great interpersonal skills as well as technical skills in audiology. My uncle had significant hearing loss for years and has seen multiple audiologists and tried multiple hearing aids with no success. Dr. Betty was able to guide my uncle toward the right hearing aid which has really changed his life. We highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with hearing loss.

James - Washington, DC Area

We are very pleased with the service at EAHS, and Dr. Anderson is great!

Ben - Crewe, VA